FLatt Pack

The Functional Lattice Package (FLatt Pack) is software I developed at the University of Nottingham for the design of lattice structures for additive manufacturing research.

FLatt Pack features

  • 23 lattice cell types, including surface-based cells, strut-based cells and honeycombs.
  • Cell size and volume fraction control, including functional grading and user-defined volume fraction ditributions.
  • Choice of standard lattice shapes or inport a geometry to be latticed.
  • Export lattice design as an STL for printing or an FE mesh for analysis.
  • Inbuilt triangle reduction to minimise STL file size.

I am happy to share FLatt Pack with academics and researchers for new collaborative projects.

A trial version can be downloaded from the FLatt Pack Git repository.,


FLatt Pack research article

I am pleased to announce my paper on the design and operation of FLatt Pack has published in the journal Additive Manufacturing - link here.

You can download the accepted version of the paper here or read it below.

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